About Us

Bedazzle Baddie is a jewelry/beauty/accessories brand for confident women who love all things sparkly. It was created in July 2020 by our CEO, Shantell Miller. Shantell has been a self-proclaimed bougie girl from birth. It goes without saying that there is a stigma that black women and people of color cannot like having nice things in their life or be “high maintenance.” Here at Bedazzle Baddie, we believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting luxury in your life, wanting to be successful, and have financial freedom. 

Bedazzle Baddie is Shantell’s solution for bougie women who want to find blinged out accessories that they will love, all in one place. From packaging, to products, to our social media page, everything is feminine and sparkly. Being a Baddie is a lifestyle. It's not about being dressed in designer head-to-toe. It's about keeping up with yourself, looking good, and feeling like your best self in whatever you wear! Anyone can be a Baddie.

This business is Black Owned and Student Owned.